coming to a flower near you...

Japantown-SF native, songstress and rapper, Chiemi the D3adly, started her musical journey at the age of five when her mother, a local Bay Area jazz musician — bought her her first violin and taught her how to play it. 


Eventually finding herself among a variety of street musicians and local freestyle rappers only blocks away from the neighborhood she grew up in, Chiemi started writing songs and poetry to go with the melodies she had bouncing around in her head. Having since opened up for artists such as Reverie, Vel the Wonder, Babii Cris, Blimes Brixton, and Gavlyn, Chiemi is now working with a variety of artists out of the West Coast, including Dustin Haffner, with whom she released her debut album, If love is the answer, what was the question? in 2016. Stay tuned as the young Queen continues to discover new sounds and inspirations from all around her, and look out for the new set of collaborations she will be releasing in 2017.